Monday, 14 January 2008

BBC Cambridgeshire Music Feature - Deaf By Stereo

There's nowhere better to be right now than Peterborough if you fancy a bit of indie-magic. Local reveller Hazel Sheffield tells us about a particular trio who are bringing bands to the masses.

There’s a buzz on the streets of Peterborough. No longer satisfied with the monotony of the chain-owned bar circuit on Broadway, the weekend crowd are heading downtown to be a part of the most exciting local development since John Lewis started opening on Sundays. The whispers are that three musically inspired individuals are revolutionising the Peterborough music scene under the name ‘Deaf By Stereo’.

This three-way partnership is putting Peterborough on the live-music map, organising nights out the likes of which the locals have never seen before by attracting some of the most exciting new acts in the country to the culturally undernourished streets of the ‘borough. The weekend will never be the same again…

Deaf By Stereo was conceived nine months ago by good friends Mark Pearson, Rachel Devlin and Jenny Leaman, through a shared passion for new music and their recognition that Peterborough desperately needed to offer more than corporately owned nightlife to its local population.

After scouring the festival circuit for the cream of musical talent last summer they began to formulate some of the most exciting live line-ups the city has ever seen. These personally financed, not-for-profit bundles of musical joy began with a bang on the 15th September, with local heroes Dirty Little Faces wowing fans with a sell-out set, supported by Ipswich’s finest, Rosalita.

Rachel speaks for the majority in Peterborough when she says, “It was clear Peterborough was lacking the live entertainment necessary to draw people from their homes on a Saturday night. Since Deaf By Stereo began we’ve been amazed by local support from live music fans of all ages and persuasions turning out to hear some of the best new bands in the country.”

Concentrating on bands from the medium-sized tour circuit has helped the trio attract a remarkable array of exciting new talent – from twisted electro of Dan Le Sac, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Fenech-Soler, to the indie-cool of The Anomalies and The Brays.

With the line up for this year already stretching into May, Deaf By Stereo are poised to achieve big things in 2008. Expect unsurpassed entertainment on your doorstep from Late Of The Pier, Video Nasties, and The Librarians, to name but a few. Tickets are already on sale for the 26th January, when the Xoo Bar will host an indie-rock riot in the form of Rosalita, with support from the Brays.

Information about all future events and how to reserve your place can be found on the Deaf By Stereo myspace page. “The most important thing is that we continue to give the people of Peterborough the opportunity to hear great music in their home town,” Rachel explains, “and as long as live music lovers in the city continue to show us support on the level that we’ve received so far, Deaf By Stereo can only go from strength to strength.”

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